If there is one thing you can say about Blackpool, it is that you’ll never be bored.  No matter which of the hotels in Blackpool you have chosen, all you have to do is wander along the seven miles of beach or the Promenade, or jump on one of the famous old trams, and you will find something to do, day or night.

Things to do in Blackpool - Blackpool TowerBlackpool Tower

Opened in 1894 this famous old Blackpool landmark still impresses. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower and over 500ft high, this beautiful old lady of Blackpool seems to sit and watch more recent developments with a bemused air.

You can ride to the top of the tower for an incredible view of Blackpool and beyond, and for a nervous walk across the glass floor. Down below, the tower includes a number of attractions such as an aquarium, an Edwardian Ballroom and the famous Tower Circus, consistently voted one of the best circuses in the UK.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

With over 125 rides, hundreds of spectacular shows and over a hundred years experience entertaining tourists, this is the granddaddy of all entertainment parks. No matter which Blackpool hotel you opt for, and no matter what you’re looking for from your holiday, at some point you will inevitably gravitate to the Pleasure Beach.

For roller coasters and white-knuckle rides it cannot be beaten. From the Pepsi Max Big One, (the tallest roller coaster in the world until 1996) to Infusion, (the world’s first suspended looping roller coaster built completely over water) this is the destination for thrill seekers in the UK. There are also spectacular ice shows, stage productions and wonderful areas for kids, such as Beaver Creek, Alice’s Wonderland and the Log Flume.

For the romantics there are also a large selection of older, wooden roller coasters which take you back to a by-gone era, especially the classic Big-Dipper, built in 1923.

North Pier

Most Blackpool hotels are within walking distance of the North Pier and it remains the hub of all Blackpool activity. Built in 1863, the Pier is grade II listed and has grown over the years, (despite accidents involving shipping and fire) to be the beating heart of Blackpool. It features a small shopping area, a tramway and the North Pier Theatre and offers the best views of both the Promenade and the Illuminations.

The Carousel Bar is located over a quarter of a mile into the Irish Sea and offers incredible views back into Blackpool.

The Sea Life Centre

Perhaps one of the most impressive aquaria in the UK, the Sea Life Centre has over a thousand sea creatures in its spacious tanks. The giant ocean tank has one of the best collections of tropical sharks in Europe and is packed with rainbow coloured reef fish. There are regular talks and lectures, as well as feeding demonstrations that are worth waiting for.

Stanley Park

If at anytime during your stay in Blackpool you feel the need for a spot of peace and quiet, then there is no finer place to visit than Stanley Park. Grade II Listed and one of the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens, this is the perfect place to walk off the excesses of the night before. Opened in 1926 and designed by Thomas Mawson, the 226 acres contain a grand selection of natural delights.

From architectural and landscaped features to woodlands and lakes, from Rose Gardens to Mediterranean Gardens, and with an art deco café and a charming model village, this is the perfect horticultural retreat to recharge the batteries.

There are so many other amazing attractions outside the doors of most Blackpool hotels that a list could go on and on. From the Winter Gardens Entertainment Centre to any number of drag and burlesque shows, concerts and theatre performances, there is always something going on in the evening.

And from Blackpool Zoo, home to over 1,500 animals to Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks, (updated recently for a younger audience) to the Sandcastle Water Park, you will never run out of places to visit. Moreover with festivals throughout the year and the legendary illuminations between August and November, this is a seaside resort that does not close down for the winter.

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