Blackpool Hotels North Shore

The North Shore is as bustling as the other known areas in Blackpool. It has been well-appreciated for its beautiful beaches and stunning seaside views. Its local entertainment and shopping centres are also hard to undermine. The best thing about it is that it offers a wide array of interesting places to stay in for its visitors. Blackpool Hotels North Shore are among the easily likable hotels in the area. Here are some examples of them. Click here to read more »

Blackpool Hotels South Shore

South Shore, the southern coastal part of Blackpool, is a home to many shopping centres and entertainment sites. From its famous pubs and shops down to the incredible Blackpool Pleasure Beach Theme Park, your stay in South Shore promises to be a worthwhile experience. What a way to end your day in a pleasant and comfortable room brought to you by one of the many world-class Blackpool Hotels South Shore. Here are just five examples of commendable hotels to stay in Blackpool South Shore. Click here to read more »

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Hotels

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a world-renowned amusement park built in Blackpool. It all started out with one ride in 1896 and more than a hundred years later, it now boasts a total of 125 spectacular rides and attractions. Pleasure Beach has always something in store for guests of all ages. Kids and adults alike will surely enjoy its exciting white-knuckle rides, such as the Avalanche and the Big Dipper. Click here to read more »