Blackpool’s beaches

The national awards, announced by Keep Britain Tidy, have rewarded Blackpool South, Blackpool Central, Blackpool North and Bispham for their high standards of beach management, as well as their nearby facilities.

It also commends the Council’s beach patrol work to help beach goers stay safe while also advising them on how to protect the local environment and keep it clean.

It is the second successive year that all four beaches have been granted the award, which celebrates some of the best beaches in the country.

John Blackledge, Blackpool Council’s Director of Community and Environmental Services, said: “This is fantastic news and it proves that, wherever you go on Blackpool’s coast, you’re sure of an award winning beach.

“A huge amount of work goes into making Blackpool’s beaches as clean and as enjoyable as possible, both for tourists and locals, so it’s great to see it recognised in this way.

“Our council officers do a tremendous job clearing the beach twice a day to make it as clean and safe as possible, which is an incredible feat when you think just how busy it can get when the sun is out.

“But a thank you is also in order for all those people who take their litter away with them after they have finished on the beach. Every set of entrance steps leading to the beach between North Pier and South Pier offers a large litter bin for beach users to dispose of their litter during and, more importantly, when leaving our beaches.

“If we are to continue to win these types of awards and keep our beaches clean then we need everybody to do their bit and look after the local environment. A list of all the things that people can do to help our beaches can be found on

In order to keep Blackpool’s beaches clean, dogs are currently excluded from the beach between South Pier and North Pier until 1 October.